I have written profiles on some of the world’s most fascinating people. I’ve been lucky enough to interview everyone from celebrities to CEOs with lots of athletes, writers, entrepreneurs, change makers, chefs, artists, and philanthropists included. What I noticed was that the most successful people didn’t always follow a linear path. Many had entirely different careers before they found what clicked. There is something really inspiring in that—especially if you are someone who hasn’t really found their groove.

I kept a file of all of these stories for years, wanting to compile them in a book. I knew they would be incredibly motivating for anyone who wants transformation but might be too nervous to do it. I mean how many career coaches can you follow? The best people to listen to are the ones who have already made the change you want and Take the Leap shares their stories, to ultimately inspire you to forge your own path. They know what it is like to worry you are too old, too broke, or too inexperienced to make it happen. They know what it is like to go for it, despite everything.

I had this book idea for years before I made it happen, and during that time I found my biggest success ghostwriting. So I know what it’s like to want to break out of the path you are on, and pivot towards another one. I know how challenging it can be and how sometimes just hearing how someone else followed their dream can push you towards making your own a reality.

Take the Leap features stories from over 60 men and women who radically changed their careers, ultimately transforming their lives. Each chapter focuses on a different type of change– turning a hobby into a career, going into the arts, giving back, promoting wellness, becoming a professional foodie, or starting a business, or living a life of travel and adventure. 

We meet a Texas tax attorney who now runs a surf school in Nicaragua, the Hollywood exec who sold all of his possessions to start a children’s charity, the production assistant turned million-dollar screenplay writer, the 65-year old retiree who took to YouTube and built a global beauty brand—and many more. The book also features high profile experts and leapers including wellness and beauty guru Bobbi Brown, writer-turned-actress/show creator Jill Kargman, Black Crowes drummer-turned-sports radio host Steve Gorman, NFL Player turned artist/activist Aaron Maybin, and entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran. 

This is a career guide for today’s ever-changing job market. Thinking about your own next chapter? Take the Leap.